The ‘Vette is now boasted as “Americas only true production sports car.” The convertible was dropped this year, leaving only the Stingray Coupe option.  All Corvettes now have the 350 cid engine powering them; the 452 big block wasnt available for the next decade. Two V-8 engines were available: the L82, and the L48. There is a new Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 transmission, which is much lighter and expected for better shifting. A wide range four speed manual gearbox was available, though a close ratio was also a choice for no extra cost. A new Carburetor Outside Air Induction system transported intake from the cowl to over the radiator. The fiberglass underbody was replaced with partial steel to increase strength as well as resistance against exhaust heat. A new one piece bar Corvette nameplate was on the rear of the car, which was inbetween twin tail lights that were inset into the rear bumper cover. Corvettes had a key lock in the front left fender that set off the anti theft alarm. They also had a fully independent suspension, as well as four wheel disc brakes. Cast aluminum wheels were a new option, and 6,253 ‘Vettes were sold with them. Behind the seat backs were three carpeted storage compartments. Bucket seats had either textured vinyl or leather upholstery with deep pleated saddle stitching. The leather was available in 7 colors, while the vinyl only 4. With production of over 47,000 in the calendar year, the Corvette also set new sales records.


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