My Theory

Well, theres a lot of history behind the Corvette. Not only has it been an American icon, but it always has been pretty much the best America has to offer. Its an amazing American sports car, always having the best handling and best performance. Since other sports cars developed, other leading manufacturers dreamed of out-performing the mighty Corvette. Though few have succeeded, particularly Porsches like the 911 and GTR3, the Corvette is a TON cheaper; a Corvette nowadays can cost $60,000-100,000. Yet, a Porsche, with the correct performance options, can reach clearly over $200,000 and even up to $300,000. The Corvette is DEFINITELY more for its dollar, and is always going to be America’s best sports car.

The future of Corvette looks bright (in my opinion). There are SO many options and packages for the Corvette, and SO many reasons to enjoy driving one, that consumers will NEVER give up on the sporty legend. Even when you dont think it can get any better, the Corvette is also becoming eco-friendly; Corvettes get outstanding gas mileage for the powerful machine that they are. In addition, Chevrolet is also introducing alternate fuels for powering the monsters, saving money on gas and reducing emissions. An example is the Corvette C6RS (see video on Jay Leno’s Garage)

With all honesty, the Chevrolet Corvette might as well be called, the “Perfect Car”


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